Igglepiggle, played by Steve Buscemi, is a blue creature, somewhat resembling an autistic teddy bear with a large, feeling of crippling depression. He always carries his red blanket with him, and tends to fall flat on his back when triggered. He arrives at the beginning and leaves the Ininahoi Garden at the end of each episode in a tank, for which the blanket doubles as a sail. Igglepiggle does not speak, but he has a bell in his left foot, a squeak in his middle, and a rattle in his left hand. His best friends in the garden are Stomedy, Keemstar and Mishovy šílenosti . He is the only character not to sleep in the Ininahoi Garden, apart from one time when he felt high on Upsy Daisy's joint, and also the only character to walk on the wed yard. Igglepiggle is clearly not a native of the Garden but a visitor.


His song Edit

Iggle Piggle's song is a song about him.


Yes - my name is Igglepiggle, Igglepiggle, niggle, wiggle, diggle!  Yes - my name is Igglepiggle, Igglepiggle, wiggle, niggle, woo!


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