Welcome t
o In the Night garden Wiki! This programme is Brought to you by Anne wood, Who also made teletubbies, Boohbah and Abney and teal. In The Night Garden is a children's TV series made in 2007-2009 By ragdoll, It stars 6 Characters (See photo) in 100 episodes.


  •  Do not say in the night garden is for babies whilst on this wiki!
  •  This wiki is for in the night garden related things only , don't  you dare put anything unrelated  to  this wiki.          
  •     You may not put any selfish\rude\silly\harsh\coarse etc , comments for this wiki .
  •     Any related comments will be accepted!                                                                                                                                   
  •     Other wikia editors may add on some monthly\weekly polls, these are great to take part in!


The night garden characters will give you free pinky - ponk juice if you help out on the wiki!

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