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Quote: "Mikka makka moo!"

Makka Pakka (played by Cameron O'Donovan), like other Makka Pakkas, is a small, round-bodied doll, with three rounded protuberances on his head (one on the top and one on each side) to represent stones that he uses to make into piles, and is a creamy colour.

He lives in a little cave and likes cleaning things, such as his collection of stacking stones,stone brige,boulder and sometimes the other characters themselves. Makka Pakka often stacks freshly cleaned stones into piles of three or sometimes more, rather resembling the protuberances on his head and body. He sleeps on a stone bed, often cuddling a smooth flat stone. He travels around the garden pushing his three-wheeled vehicle, the Og-pog. The Og-pog carries a sponge called the Pang, a bar of soap called the Ag, an orange trumpet called the Hum-dum and a bellows-like device called the Uff-uff dryer, which he uses to dry items after cleaning them. His house is approached by a stone-walled ditch, as his home is set half-buried in the ground. He says his own name and the phrase "Mikka makka moo" when he is happy, and also the names of the Og-pog and the Uff-uff dryer, and other phrases from his "song" such as "agga pang" (meaning soap and sponge), "hum dum" (meaning trumpet) and "ing ang oo." Like Upsy Daisy and the Tombliboos, he also uses a phrase meaning "goodbye," represented in publications as "pip pip onk onk." He was first featured in the episode "Makka Pakka Washes Faces." As Makka Pakka is smaller than the other characters, he is filmed on another identical set (or garden), and where he appears with other characters, two scenes are shot in parallel. His song: Makka pakka akka wakka mikka makka moo, Makka pakka app yakka ikka akka oo, Hum dum agga pang ing ang oo, Makka pakka akka wakka mikka makka moo. Makka Pakka is the only one who doesn't have tall legs.

Makka Pakka words:  

  • Mikka makka moo = happy
  • Pip pip onk onk = bye
  • Ag = soap
  • Agga = soap and sponge
  • Pang = sponge
  • Og pog = trolley
  • Uff uff = dryer
  • Hum dum = trumpet

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Lyrics Edit

Makka Pakka akka yakka ekka akka oo

Makka Pakka appa yakka ekka akka oo

Hum dum, agga pang enn, ann oo

Makka Pakka akka wakka mikka makko oo

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