Makka pakka

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Quote: "Mikka makka moo!"                                                                       

Makka pakka is a Small Round bodied Character in In The Night Garden. He lives in a Cave at the edge of the Garden, and likes nothing more then Collecting and washing little Stones. He often washes the other Characters too, He travels along the Garden pushing his trolley called the Og Pog, Which carries His soap, Sponge, Uff Uff dryer and Trumpet. He is a little sweetie and does a really cool dance


  • Playing with his friends
  • Stones
  • Washing Faces
  • Dancing


  • Losing his Og pog
  • Not being able find stones
  • When his trumpet stops working


  • "Mikka Makka Moo"
  • "Pip Pip Onk Onk"
  • "Hello!"
  • "Makka Pakka"

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