The Pinky Ponk Gets Stuck in a Tree is Season 1 Episode 14 which first aired in 2007 in the UK and late 2010 in the US, with the "exit" sequence removed at the end.

Alternate Names

The Pinky Ponk Adventure

Synopsis At first, the Tombliboos and Makka Pakka are already inside the Pinky Ponk while IgglePiggle and Upsy Daisy go exploring. They wave to them just as the Pinky Ponk lands after some laps around the garden. IgglePiggle and Upsy Daisy, including the Pontipines hop on board and then they start flying. Later, IgglePiggle and Upsy Daisy look out at the rear balcony. They come back inside after looking at the trees and the hills. Afterwards, the Pinky Ponk hits a tree forcing the gang to fall on the floor, almost to their death. The Pinky Ponk mooves backwards and forwards a lot that the characters shake around while they were lying around. They then get up and they get back into their seats as they try to get the Pinky Ponk out. It was already too late. The Pinky Ponk tips up. Everybody slides down to the rear end. They rock back and forth and tip the Pinky Ponk the other way. They slide up to the other end. The Pinky Ponk tips back and forth and everybody slides up and down, having a stroke of bad luck. At last the Pinky Ponk breaks free and flies off, taking everybody to the dance.


For the American release of the episode, the scene where the Pinky Ponk lands and the gang exits was cut and replaced by a few scenes where the pinky Ponk flies around. It happened to make room for commercial time. Only a couple of countries, like the UK, Canada and Japan show the "exit" sequence at the end of the episode.

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