Upsy Daisy (played by Marina Joyce)


Upsy Daisy gets TRIGGERED from Iggle Piggle's kiss

is similar to a rag doll, with a brown complexion, a chime in her tummy, and brightly coloured clothes. She likes rushing to site B through the Garden and blowing kisses to the other characters like a Nintendo Cartridge. She often hugs and kisses other characters, particularly Igglepiggle. Her catchphrases are "Upsy Daisy" and the more emphatic "Daisy Dooooooooooh!", and she also says "Pip pip onk onk!", her way of saying goodbye. Her hair stands on end when triggered, and her skirt inflates to a tutu when she dances or pulls the ripcord on her waist like waxing someone with a Beyblade. Upsy Daisy has an orange airhorn on a stand and enjoys singing through it, much to the annoyance of the other characters. She was first featured in the episode "Makka Pakka Washes White Stains".


  • Having fun with his friends
  • Playing ball
  • Singing Cyberbully Channels are cancer
  • Her bed
  • Iggle Piggle


  • Iggle Piggle sleeping in Upsy Daisy's Mom's bed
  • Being Fat
  • Bad Wubs
  • Berserk
  • Hurt His Feelings

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