&nbsp "What a Big Sneeze Makka Pakka!" is episode 96 that first aired in 2009 in the UK and late 2010 in the US.

Alternate NamesEdit

  • Sneezing


At first, IgglePiggle is skipping through the garden. Suddenly he lets out a very big sneeze! Here comes Upsy Daisy; IgglePiggle is still sneezing and now Upsy Daisy does a big sneeze! The Tombliboos are hiding in the garden when suddenly there are one, two, three big sneezes and out pop the Tombliboos from behind the little round bush. Makka Pakka is tidying his stones when he lets out such a big sneeze that it forces the Pinky Ponk to crash into a tree! Bless you Makka Pakka! Everybody joins in the dance at the Gazebo. We don't know what happened next when IgglePiggle and Upsy Daisy fell down after the Pinky Ponk hits a tree. Maybe they might have fell to their death or they didn't survive from the accident whilst they almost got killed. It has been a tragic ending for younger children, but looks like something negative happens.

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